The true meaning of Christmas

Once upon a time, there was a small village where everyone was looking forward to Christmas. This holiday meant different things to everyone, but you couldn’t find a person who wasn’t happy when it finally arrived.

It was in this small village that Karcsi lived, and every year he understood the meaning of Christmas more and more. He loved the lights, the decorations, the presents, the delicious taste and smell of food and the smiles on everyone’s faces.

Uncle Adam lived in the village, and for him Christmas meant something completely different to other people. He grew up in a very poor family and never had money for presents. But they always made Christmas cosy, because they were together and that was the most important thing for them.

But they were not without gifts either, they made many small presents of their own making to please each other. For example, when Uncle Adam was only 7 years old, he drew a picture of his family members, folded the paper into a pine tree and hid it in his parents’ and siblings’ shoes.

On 24 December, Uncle Adam went for a walk. Karcsi was snowballing outside with his brothers. They knew each other, and Karcsi loved Uncle Adam’s stories. He ran up to him to say hello.

Uncle Adam, tell me about what Christmas means to you!- Uncle Adam, tell me about what Christmas means to you!

Uncle Adam swallowed hard to hide the tear that had come to his eyes from the memory. He told Karcsi about his childhood and how he didn’t need presents to be happy at Christmas. For her, Christmas is about togetherness and love.

Karcsi listened admiringly to Uncle Adam’s story. At the end, he hugged him and planted a big kiss on the old man’s cheek as a thank you.

He decided to try to please others this year, just like Uncle Adam did as a child.

After lunch, he asked his mum to give him the gingerbread. At first, his mother didn’t understand why Karcsi needed so many gingerbreads, but the little boy explained that he wanted to give them to the other children.

Her mother is touched by her son’s intentions. She sat down with him and helped him wrap the gingerbread. In the afternoon, they went together to the square where the big Christmas tree stood to surprise the children dancing there with a little present.

Uncle Adam was walking by when he saw Karcsi, eyes sparkling, working to make every child’s Christmas a joyful one. He knew that the little child understood the true meaning of Christmas.

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