The tree that reaches the clouds

Once upon a time, beyond the ocean of the Mediterranean, there was a small forest at the edge of which lived a couple in a small hut. They had no children yet, but they very much wanted to have one.

One beautiful spring day, their daughter was born. Overjoyed, they decided to plant a small oak tree. As you know, oak trees bear acorns, which squirrels love to collect and store for the winter.

But this was no ordinary oak tree. It was a magic oak tree. They planted it and when they woke up the next morning, they could not see the top of the tree. It had grown so tall that its crown was hidden by the clouds. Overnight, this tree had grown so tall that it reached all the way to the clouds.

They wondered why it had grown so big and what could be at the top of the tree. How was it even possible? What should they do with it? The father thought they should cut it down because they would never have to worry about firewood again. They would have enough wood for their entire life, their grandchildren’s lives, and even their great-grandchildren’s.

His wife said: “Oh, dear husband, let’s keep this tree! It’s a real, beautiful wonder! Let’s go up and see what’s at the top!”

They spent the entire day and night debating what to do with the oak tree. The next morning, they decided that the father would climb to the top of the tree and see what was up there.

So he started climbing, but he had to climb so high that it took him a month to reach the top. His wife could not imagine what had happened to her husband. Fortunately, he always cut off a piece of branch and dropped it down to her, so she knew he was still okay.

When he reached the top of the tree, he saw a miracle. This tree did not have green leaves, but instead was covered in beautiful shiny pink, gold, silver, red, blue, and purple colors.

But that’s not all! Little fairies lived on it. They were flying around. They were the lucky charm fairies. They told the father that they were going to reward him because he did not cut down the tree, even though many others would have that day when they saw how big it had grown. But he climbed up and saw what the secret of this magical tree was: the fairies.

The father and his family were rewarded with a gold coin every day from that day on. This oak tree was not an ordinary oak tree because it bore golden acorns. And from that day on, it did not matter if it was spring, summer, fall or winter; every day a golden acorn would fall. And it would continue to do so until the tree was cut down, because this tree would never grow old enough to die, and even a worm could not make it sick.

From that day on, the mother, father, daughter, and all their descendants lived happily and in prosperity until they died.

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