The Three Little Frogs and the Stork.

Next to a beautiful garden pond lived three little frogs: Breki, Böfi, and Böki. They were siblings, but not just any siblings! Throughout their lives, they supported each other because they were all very afraid of the stork. They knew that they were the stork’s most delicious snack.

One rainy day, a stork moved in near their home. It was terribly big, and they immediately knew that they had to do something. They thought about what they should do to avoid being harmed by the stork.

The biggest and oldest frog, Breki, came up with the idea to hide under a leaf. The middle frog, Böfi, came up with the idea to just stick his nose out of the water and quickly swim away if he saw the stork coming. The smallest frog, Böki, came up with the idea to paint himself with a waterproof paint that would make him the same color as the water. His siblings were amazed at what he was doing and laughed, saying that it wouldn’t work and that he would be the main dish for lunch.

The stork arrived, and as it reached the hiding Breki frog under the leaf, a gust of wind blew the leaf off him. The stork immediately noticed him and gobbled him up.

The next day, the stork stopped by Böfi, who was just about to swim away. But he wasn’t fast enough, and the stork swallowed him too.

On the third day, the smallest frog, Böki, was close to the stork, but the stork didn’t notice him. The little frog had painted himself so well that he looked just like the water. So he could relax and swim on the surface of the water without being detected. That day, the stork went home hungry, and the next day, it searched for another pond. If the stork hadn’t moved away, my story would have continued.

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