The Spring Fairy

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, but actually everywhere, because spring is everywhere, there was the Spring Fairy. This story is about her.

Imagine, it was still very cold. There was a little bit of snow glittering under the trees and bushes, but the birds had already found some greenery here and there. The snowdrops had also bloomed beautifully in the forest and in the small gardens of the houses. Children happily picked them. Do you know why there were snowdrops? Because the Spring Fairy had started working.

On the last day of winter, which falls on February 28th or 29th, the Winter Fairy hands over her tasks to the Spring Fairy, who is the first to awaken the animals and plants hibernating in winter.

The trees begin to come to life, the grass turns green, and the snowdrops bloom. The Spring Fairy works so fast that nature quickly comes back to life. Beautiful, fragrant, purple violets bloom, bunnies happily hop on the fresh green grass, and the sun also smiles kindly.

The sun works with the Spring Fairy, warming up the earth with its rays. It also doesn’t forget about the waters, so the little fish can swim happily. As it gets warmer, flowers bloom: tulips, hyacinths, crocuses, and many other spring flowers. It rains a lot in spring so that the plants can quench their thirst after the long winter sleep.

Children also long to be outside. They play a lot of ball, ride bikes, slide, climb, and play tag.

In the middle of spring, the Easter Bunny arrives. He brings more beautiful and delicious gifts for the children. Girls paint beautiful decorated eggs so that when the boys recite a cute little verse and sprinkle them with water, they can give the eggs to them. Do you know why it’s important to sprinkle girls with water? So that they don’t wither away. They should also be fresh and dewy, so that their beauty can be admired for a long time.

It gets warmer day by day, and summer is approaching. The Spring Fairy is getting ready to rest, and on May 31st, on the last day of spring, when her work is finished for the year, she hands over her tasks to the Summer Fairy. From now on, the Summer Fairy will work, and the Spring Fairy will drift off to sleep.

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