The Reindeer of Santa Claus

You probably know that Santa Claus lives in a sparkling place covered in snow. Away from everyone, on the edge of a forest covered with tall pine trees. Where else could he live, since the hardworking elves would not be able to prepare the mysterious gifts that Santa Claus hides in his boots all year round!

It’s good to know that Santa’s 9 reindeer pull the plow. They certainly have to practice pulling the sled a lot during the year so that everything goes smoothly by December 6. So it is understandable that it is important for them to have enough snow throughout the year.

Do you know what Santa’s reindeer are called? I’ll tell you.

Rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer, has been their leader for a very long time. In his childhood, when Üstökös was the reindeer herder, the poor guy was ostracized. He was still very small then, and people looked at him strangely because of his red nose.

Once upon a time, one night when Santa Claus set out on his journey, there was a very thick fog. Almost nothing could be seen. Santa had a thought and put Rudolph in front, so he was the main leader that day. And thanks to his red nose, it was much easier for Santa to find his way in the fog, and every child could get their presents on time.

I have already mentioned Comet, he was the former leader. A very smart reindeer, he was a bright student at school. A very good guide, he taught Rudolf the ins and outs of sled pulling. Dear reindeer, he easily accepted that Rudolf would be the leader, as he also knew that the little reindeer’s red nose might be needed in heavy fog. At the same time, he is stubborn, sometimes it is not easy to please him. But despite this, everyone loves and respects him.

Táltos has been a member of Santa’s reindeer team for more than 2,000 years. He is the best flying reindeer in the world. She is always extremely well dressed and takes her job very seriously, as it is important to her that every child receives their long-awaited gift.

Vilám got his name when Santa Claus saw him playing soccer. When a big storm rolls around, Lightning helps Rudolf get out of it. He is very fast and brave, so in bad weather the whole team can count on him. He has an extremely big heart, so everyone loves him.

A dancer – as his name suggests – he would dance all day at his heart’s content. Of course, despite this, he does his job properly, but he always does it with fun. And thanks to the many movements, it is extremely graceful, fast and there is no obstacle that it cannot avoid.

Dancer has a twin brother named Pompás. His favorite game is hide and seek. He is a strong reindeer with perfect posture and always works hard to get your gift to your boot on time.

Have you heard of Íjas? He is the main fencer of the reindeer. Do you know what that means? That many reindeer couples can thank him for falling in love with each other. However, he is also sensitive, and sometimes he definitely needs Santa’s loving hug.

Star is the most beautiful reindeer in the world. She is in love with Archer. He is very persistent, he always makes sure that the sled reaches every little child on time. He loves cleanliness, he always makes sure that his fur is shiny, and the groomer also checks that there is not a speck of dust on him by the time Santa Claus arrives. In addition, you can play very well with it.

Ágas rarely appears in Santa’s stories, even though he certainly deserves it. It got its name from its beautiful and large antlers. He’s also proud of it, but don’t think he’s cocky about it, because he’s not at all. One of the strongest members in the team. He lives a very healthy life and makes sure that the other reindeer eat properly.

They are Santa’s reindeer. You may legitimately wonder if there is a rivalry between them? I’ll tell you a secret. They are a very good team. They work for a very important common goal, the happiness of all children, so instead of arguing, they fully cooperate.

Good night, sweet dreams about Santa’s reindeer!

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