The princess who wanted to be a rainbow

Once upon a time, in a place that perhaps only existed in fairy tales, on the highest point of a hilly countryside, stood a magnificent castle. This was no ordinary palace! It was covered with marble floors, adorned with gemstones, and it was a great wonder that a huge rainbow shone above it every day.

The inhabitant of this castle was Princess Lili. The little princess loved living here. Every day she marveled at how beautifully the palace was built! From the window of her room, she could see the rainbow and the nearby lake filled with swans.

No wonder Lili had a very happy childhood in the palace. Thanks to her kindness, the animals loved her too, even the shy deer and the bunny were not afraid of her.

One day, however, when Lili woke up, great sadness took hold of her. The reason for this was nothing more than a strange dream. In her dream, she turned into a huge rainbow at night, and she could see the whole country. Her friends were the Sun and the clouds, and at night she chatted with the Moon and the stars.

However, in the morning when she opened her eyes, she realized that it was just a dream. Despite the consolation of the little animals and her mother, they could not cheer her up. From that day on, she wanted to be a rainbow.

The forest animals – the bunnies, the deer, the squirrels, and the birds – thought about what to do. Suddenly, the wisest animal of the forest, the wise owl, spoke up:

  • Friends, let’s make a princess dress for Lili in which she can feel like a real rainbow!

All the animals loved the idea. However, they had a problem: they had neither the fabric nor the thread, nor even a needle for it. So, they asked Lili’s mother for help. Of course, there was no question that the queen would join them, and together they would make this beautiful dress.

They sewed Lili’s dress for three days and three nights continuously. To make it shine even more beautifully, they sprinkled it with glitter. It was already late when they finished, so they carefully wrapped it up and hid it next to Lili’s bed.

When the little princess woke up in the morning, she couldn’t believe her eyes! The dress was so dazzling that all her worries disappeared. The hearts of the little forest animals, the king, and the queen were filled with happiness that Lili’s dream could come true. And Lili knew she had loving parents and true friends who would cheer her up and help her in any situation.

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