The perfect snowman

Once upon a time, so long ago that no one knows if it ever really happened, there lived two little girls who were sisters: Liza and Nora. They were so beautiful that no one in the world could find anyone more beautiful than them.

When winter came, they had only one wish: for snow to fall. Where they lived, the climate was warmer, so snow was quite rare.

One winter, it became very cold. There was a strong frost at night, and by the time the two girls woke up in the morning, snow covered the landscape. Everything was beautifully white: the trees, the bushes, the fences, the roads, the mountains, and even Bodri, the dog, who had been rolling in the snow for hours.

When the two girls saw how much snow had fallen during the night, they immediately jumped out of bed and got dressed in an instant. They combed their hair, brushed their teeth, and quickly put on their warm boots, gloves, hats, coats, and even remembered their scarves.

As soon as they stepped out the door, they felt the biting cold. So, they took another big sip of the tea and ate a few bites of the delicious sandwich their mother had prepared for them for breakfast. They were in a hurry because they had a mission: they wanted to build a snowman. But not just any snowman, a perfect snowman!

Fortunately, the snow had melted a bit, so it was very sticky and easy to shape into snowballs to roll around in the snow and make them bigger. They made three huge balls, which they placed on top of each other. The smallest was the snowman’s head, the medium-sized one was its body, and they made an enormous ball for its legs. They didn’t forget about its arms either, as they made two smaller balls as well.

The snowman’s nose was made from a large and shapely carrot, while its eyes, mouth, and buttons were made of coal. Its hat was their mother’s old, worn-out pot, and it even held a broom in its hand. To keep the snowman warm in the cold, they took out a silvery, snowflake-patterned scarf and draped it around its neck.

The snowman was almost perfect, but something was still missing. It was beautiful, even more beautiful than the pictures in their favorite books, but they still didn’t feel it was perfect.

“I know!” exclaimed Nora.

Liza was very excited too, and watched with sparkling eyes as her sister did something.

Nora ran inside, and a few minutes later, she reappeared with a plush heart. She placed it on the snowman, right where our hearts beat. Then she said:

“Now it’s perfect. Because the most beautiful person is the one who truly loves.”

The people in the neighborhood all came to admire the snowman, as they had never seen a more beautiful one, even in books. Nora and Liza went to bed happily that night, as their long-awaited dream had finally come true.

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