The old man’s Christmas dream

Once upon a time, there was a small village surrounded by mountains. All the villagers lived happily there. In the center of the village, there was a small store where everyone could find everything they needed, despite its size. Next to it, there was a small church where a priest held mass every Sunday.

In this village lived Mr. Feri, who was loved by everyone. He was the one everyone could count on. Thanks to his great wisdom, he could have a good conversation with anyone and always gave the best advice when someone had a problem.

Mr. Feri had a small house on the edge of the village. He had a Christmas dream every year. He wished that he could give every villager a gift. However, unfortunately, Mr. Feri didn’t have much money, so he never realized his dream.

One evening on December 24th, he decided to go to the church to meditate and think about life. When he arrived, he saw a strange light shining in the church window. He went closer and hardly believed his eyes: the Christmas Angel was in front of him.

Mr. Feri thought he was dreaming, but then the angel spoke:

“Old man, don’t be afraid, it’s only me, the Christmas Angel. I know you want everyone to receive a Christmas gift from you, but unfortunately, you don’t have enough money for this. But don’t worry, I’ll help you!”

Mr. Feri was grateful for the angel’s offer. They went to his cottage, where the Christmas Angel showed him how to make the most delicious pastries without spending too much money.

Mr. Feri baked all night. By morning, he was done. He put all the pastries into bags, tied beautiful ribbons on them, and even decorated them with a little pine branch. He put on his worn coat and set out. He stopped at every house and hung as many pastry bags on the door as there were people living there.

It was already dawn when he returned home. He went to bed, covered himself with his warm blanket and fell asleep happily. However, he did not know that his actions were not unnoticed.

A few houses away, Mrs. Juli got up early and was standing by the window when she saw the old man bringing joy to all the villagers. In the morning, when she was sweeping the snow off the street, she told everyone she met what she had seen during the night. The news of Mr. Feri’s deed spread quickly throughout the village.

It was noon when the old man woke up. It was no wonder, as he had worked all night to bring joy to the villagers. But now he was surprised. When he stepped out of the door, he was greeted with gifts he could never have imagined.

While Mr. Feri was resting from his night’s fatigue, the grateful villagers also prepared a surprise for him. Someone knitted gloves, someone baked a cake, the children made wonderful drawings and paintings, and there was even someone who gave him a warm winter coat.

So Mr. Feri’s Christmas became even more wonderful and hundred times more magical than he could have dreamed.

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