The Little Pig and the Apple Tree (by Andrea Mészáros)

Once upon a time, in the very place where a short-tailed pig dug, there was a little apple tree. This was not just any apple tree, but Röfi the pig’s favorite tree. Röfi loved apples and was very happy that he could feast on delicious ones. However, one day he noticed that he couldn’t reach the apples anymore.

The tree had grown so big that it was too tall for Röfi. The little pig cried bitterly when old Tibi the Tortoise happened to pass by.

– What’s the matter with you, Röfi? – asked the tortoise.

– I can’t eat apples anymore. I can’t reach them – the pig sobbed. Tibi sat down next to Röfi and became lost in thought. Suddenly he said:

– Don’t worry, we’ll solve your problem!

– But how? – asked Röfi.

– Very simply. You stand on my back, and you’ll be taller, and maybe you’ll reach them

– answered Uncle Tibi.

– The old tortoise walked over to the most beautiful apple, and Röfi stood on his back. But even then, he couldn’t reach the apple. That’s when Karcsi the Rooster came by and saw what was happening under the tree.

– Well, what are you two up to here? – he asked curiously.

– Röfi can’t reach the apple, so I’m helping him – answered the tortoise.

– Wait, I’ll climb onto Röfi, and I’ll pick the apple for him!

– So he did. Karcsi flapped his wings and landed on Röfi’s head. He was just about to pluck the apple when Kelemen, the worm, crawled out of it.

–What do you think you’re doing here? What’s going on? This is my house! – he shouted angrily. At this, Karcsi the Rooster got scared like never before.

He grabbed onto Röfi’s head, which caused the little pig to step back in fright, fall off the tortoise, who then tipped over and struggled to turn back upright. Since then, roosters prefer to peck in the rubbish heap, and pigs pick up apples from the ground. If the apple hadn’t become the worm’s house, my story wouldn’t have been so short.

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