The Easter Bunny Goes Sprinkling

It was Easter Monday morning when the sunlight filtered through the Easter Bunny’s window. The Sun was gently smiling, and the bees had already started to collect nectar from the dewy flowers.

The Easter Bunny woke up feeling very tired after delivering gifts to so many children the day before. Although it was his favorite day of the year, he was indeed exhausted. However, as soon as he remembered what day it was, he immediately perked up and jumped out of bed.

“It’s Easter Monday!” he shouted happily.

He put on his fluffy slippers and went to the kitchen to prepare his breakfast. He made a delicious, fresh carrot salad, which he quickly devoured.

Afterwards, he washed up, brushed his teeth thoroughly, combed his velvety fur, and got dressed. He didn’t just put on any clothes today! He chose his finest outfit and even tied a bowtie.

Once he was ready, he grabbed his most fragrant cologne and set off to sprinkle the bunny girls. His path led him straight to the most beautiful girl, Füles.

“Hi! I’m so glad you came!” greeted the bunny girl when the Easter Bunny arrived.

The bunny boy stood tall and recited the sprinkling poem he had written especially for Füles:

It’s Easter today, I’ll sprinkle you, So you won’t wither away, I brought fragrant cologne, To make you smell like a blooming bouquet.

Beautiful bunny girl, Stay this stunning forever, Never wither away, Oh, angel-eyed endeavor.

Füles blushed upon hearing the poem and was deeply touched that the Easter Bunny was so kind to her and even composed a special sprinkling poem for her on this day. There was no doubt that she would give him the most beautiful red egg.

Although the Easter Bunny is famous for surprising children on Easter Sunday, it’s also worth knowing that on Easter Monday, he treats the bunny girls and carefully sprinkles each of them so they won’t wither away.

Because of this, he couldn’t stay with Füles for long, but they arranged to go to the meadow together to pick flowers in the afternoon. Both of them could hardly wait to meet again that day. From then on, they tried to spend their free time together every day. The following year, they eagerly awaited Easter with their little bunny offspring.

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