The cow and the horse (fairy-tale)

In the beginning, when the Lord God created the world, he did not give the cow horns, only teeth. On the other hand, he gave the horse horns and no teeth.

The cow complained a lot because it had no horns, because all the animals attacked it, and it could not defend itself. He certainly went to the Lord God to complain.

He asked the good God to take the horn from the horse and give it to him, because otherwise he would have no peace from animals.

The Lord God said:

  • I will not take the horns from the horse once I have given them. But I don’t mind if they exchanged, the horse gives the horn, and you give the bit.

The cow went to the horse and told what God had advised.

The horse said:

  • It’s okay, cow, I don’t mind, I’ll give you my horn, because I can defend myself with my legs, I’ll kick whoever hurts you. Just give me the upper order bet in return.

The exchange was made at once, the horse gave the cow its horn, the cow gave the horse its upper order tooth. Since then, cows have horns and horses have teeth.

(Elek Benedek: Hungarian fairy-tale world, volume 2)

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