The Carnival Costume Contest

Once upon a time, there was a small town. In this tiny town, they held a carnival celebration every year. It was a grand masquerade ball with plenty of donuts and all sorts of other delicacies.

People started preparing for the costume ball weeks in advance. Everyone talked about what costume they would wear that year. It didn’t matter if it was a young child or an elderly person; the most important topic in January and February was always the carnival ball.

An important requirement for the ball’s participants was that they could only appear in homemade costumes. Therefore, they needed all their creativity and dexterity.

This was the case during the most recent carnival season as well. At the ball, there were princesses, fairies, kings, witches, snowmen, dogs, cats, clowns, superheroes, police officers, doctors, firefighters, and even frog costumes. Everyone looked stunning in their costumes.

However, people looked strangely at someone. Instead of wearing a traditional, colorful, and cheerful costume, they wore a tight, gray-colored jumpsuit. They painted their face and hair gray as well. People wondered:

–What is their costume supposed to be?

–Why do they look like this?

Some even laughed at them:

–I see they couldn’t afford any other color! – they mocked.

However, I haven’t mentioned that there was also a costume contest at the ball. Everyone showcased the wonderful costumes they had created for themselves. Finally, it was the turn of the gray person.

They stepped onto the stage and demonstrated what they really were: a living, moving stone statue.

Then everyone realized that they were actually the most creative! Despite being monochrome and gray, their costume was the most amazing because nobody had thought of this idea before.

No wonder those who laughed at and mocked them felt ashamed. But as soon as it was announced that the winner of the costume contest was the most creative, most unique costume – the gray person – they celebrated them with thunderous applause.

People smiled and had fun all night long, and everyone learned that the carnival was about expressing our creativity and individuality, no matter what costume we shone in.

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