The Birthday Candles

Linda turned three. She got a beautiful cake, and not just any cake, a fruit cake! It had a thick pudding cream and was decorated with peach jam, bananas, and mandarins on top. It was very delicious and looked beautiful. Three different patterned pink candles adorned the cake. Linda couldn’t wait to blow them out.

The candles were also very excited because it was their dream to decorate such a beautiful and delicious cake. Thus, the competition began among the candles: who would go where, and who would be the most beautiful. Everyone hoped to be blown out first because they were the prettiest.

They argued about it all day. They could hardly wait to take the cake out of the fridge and put it on the festive table. Finally, the evening came, and Linda’s mother brought out the cake and lit the candles. The whole family sang the “Happy Birthday” song. The candles were very proud when they saw Linda’s sparkling, teary eyes full of joy.

The time had come to blow out the candles. Linda made a wish – we don’t know what she wished for as she didn’t tell anyone so that it would surely come true. She took a deep breath and blew so hard that all three candles went out at once. The candles were surprised because a little girl like her doesn’t usually blow so hard. Moreover, it was not clear which one was the most beautiful.

When Linda’s mother cut the cake, Linda remarked:

“Mom, these candles are so beautiful! I couldn’t choose between them.”

At this moment, all three candles were filled with pride and happiness. They knew they all brought joy to Linda in the same way and didn’t have to compete because they were all equally beautiful and brought great joy to this little girl.

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