Snow White and the Jealous Queen

In a kingdom far, where the roses bloom,
Lived Snow White, in a lovely room.
Her cheeks were rosy, her hair black as night,
Her heart full of kindness, her spirit so light.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who’s the fairest of them all?”
Asked the Queen, with a crown so grand,
Hoping the mirror would say, it’s her in this land.

“Children, oh children, what do you think?
Who’s the fairest, with cheeks like pink?
Is it the Queen, with jewels so bright,
Or Snow White, with eyes sparkling light?”

The mirror spoke, with truth so clear,
“Snow White is the fairest, she’s dear.”
The Queen was angry, filled with rage,
She plotted and planned, like a bird in a cage.

She called a huntsman, strong and brave,
“Take Snow White, to the forest, be grave.
Leave her there, alone and scared,
So, the fairest will be me,” she declared.

“Imagine, dear friends, in a forest so wide,
Where would you go, where would you hide?
Would you find a friend, in the trees so tall,
Or listen to the birds, answering their call?”

Snow White wandered, with tears in her eyes,
In a forest deep, under the blue skies.
She found a small house, so quaint and sweet,
With seven little chairs, and treats to eat.

“Who lives here,” Snow White thought,
“Is it a giant, or a dragon to be fought?
Or maybe it’s dwarfs, kind and merry,
Living here, where the berries are cherry?”

In the little house, where the fire warmly glows,
Snow White waited, as outside it snows.
The door creaked open, footsteps were heard,
In came the dwarfs, like a flock of small birds.

“Who are you?” they asked, with eyes opened wide,
“I’m Snow White,” she replied, with nothing to hide.
She told them her tale, of the Queen so cruel,
The dwarfs listened carefully, as they sat on their stools.

“Dear children, what do you think the dwarfs said?
Did they offer her comfort, a warm bed?
Would you help Snow White, in her time of need,
Offer her friendship, and good deeds?”

The dwarfs were kind, their hearts were big,
They welcomed her warmly, and danced a little jig.
“Stay with us here, be safe and sound,
In our little cottage, love abounds.”

Days went by, filled with joy and cheer,
Snow White was happy, with her friends so dear.
But the Queen found out, Snow White was alive,
Her jealousy boiled, and evil did thrive.

“Imagine, dear friends, if you were the Queen,
Would you be kind, or would you be mean?
What magic would you use, to prove you’re fair,
A poisoned apple, or a colorful pair?”

The Queen made a plan, a disguise she wore,
An old peddler woman, with apples galore.
She knocked on the door, where Snow White stayed,
Offering apples, so brightly displayed.

Snow White was cautious, but the apple looked sweet,
A bite she took, and fell off her feet.
The dwarfs came home, to a sight so sad,
Snow White lay still, and it made them mad.

In the heart of the forest, where the old oaks stand,
The dwarfs and the animals, together hand in hand,
Mourned for Snow White, pure and fair,
Laying so still, in a glass case with care.

“Children, oh children, what magic do you know,
To wake up Snow White, and bring back the glow?
Would you call a wizard, or perhaps a kind fairy,
To break the spell, and make everything merry?”

A prince rode by, on a horse so brave,
Drawn to the forest, by love’s strong wave.
He saw Snow White, like a star in the night,
His heart knew the truth, and he held her tight.

He kissed her lips, with love so true,
The magic awoke, and life’s colors anew.
Snow White opened her eyes, to a world so bright,
Filled with love, joy, and warm sunlight.

“Imagine, dear friends, a kiss so sweet,
Bringing back life, making the heart beat.
What would you feel, waking up to see,
A prince so kind, setting you free?”

The Queen’s evil plans, turned back on her,
Love and kindness, in the kingdom did stir.
Snow White and the Prince, with love’s strong might,
Lived happily ever after, in love’s warm light.

“Remember, dear children, in each tale you hear,
Love conquers all, there’s nothing to fear.
Dream of the magic, the love, and the fun,
In the heart of the tales, where joy is spun.”

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