Sleeping Beauty

In a kingdom draped in green, where the thistles gently sway,
Where the rolling hills whisper tales of a time far away,
A joyous cheer spread, as trumpets did sound,
For a princess was born, in soft blankets wrapped around.

“Little listeners, gather close, let’s weave a tale so bright,
Of a princess, a castle, and a spindle that bites.
What magic do you think, in this story we’ll see?
A rainbow of butterflies, or a talking tree?”

King Edward and Queen Eleanor, with hearts brimming with delight,
Held a feast, inviting folks, in garments woven tight.
Fairies fluttered in, with wings of soft hue,
Bestowing gifts upon the princess, as around her they flew.

“Imagine, dear children, a room filled with light,
Fairies twirling, casting spells, in the soft candlelight.
What gifts would you wish, if a fairy’s wand swayed?
A voice like a nightingale, or dreams that never fade?”

But a shadow crept in, as the old fairy arrived,
Left out from the feast, her heart filled with strife.
With a curse, she spoke, “On your sixteenth year’s dawn,
A spindle shall prick, and sleep will be drawn.”

“Children, oh children, in a tale spun so tight,
Would you fear the curse, in the soft moonlight?
Or believe in the magic, that love can unveil,
Turning sorrow into joy, as we sail through the tale?”

The king, in his wisdom, ordered spindles away,
In the kingdom’s vast lands, none were to stay.
The princess grew, like a blossom so fair,
In a castle of love, under the sun’s tender care.

In the heart of the kingdom, where the roses entwine,
Princess Aurora grew up, graceful and divine.
Her laughter filled the halls, like a melody so sweet,
Dancing through the days, on her light, twinkling feet.

“Little dreamers, in a castle so grand and wide,
What games would you play, and where would you hide?
Would it be in the gardens, where the marigolds bloom,
Or in the vast libraries, filled with tales and gloom?”

The days spun into years, like a weaver’s fine thread,
And the sixteenth year dawned, as the curse had said.
In a tower, hidden away, where the shadows talk,
A spindle lay waiting, in mystery and dark.

“Imagine, dear friends, finding something so rare,
A spindle that whispers, in the cold, dusty air.
Would curiosity lead, your fingers to explore,
The secrets it holds, the tales it stores?”

Aurora, with eyes filled with wonder and gleam,
Touched the spindle, as if in a dream.
A prick on her finger, a sigh in the air,
And the castle was wrapped, in a slumber so rare.

“Children, oh children, in a moment so still,
Would you close your eyes, giving in to the spell?
Or fight against sleep, with all your might,
Trying to keep, the daylight in sight?”

The kingdom slept, in a silence profound,
Dreams weaving tales, where love could resound.
Aurora lay resting, in a chamber of gold,
Waiting for love’s kiss, as the prophecy foretold.

In the kingdom of dreams, where the silence had spread,
Vines of roses grew wild, in green and in red.
Time whispered softly, in the ears of the old walls,
Waiting for love’s call, in the silent, enchanted halls.

“Little hearts, in a sleep so deep and so long,
What dreams do you think, to the sleepers belong?
Is it of sunlit meadows, where the unicorns play,
Or magical adventures, in the night and the day?”

A prince from afar, with a heart brave and true,
Heard tales of the princess, and to the kingdom he rode through.
Fighting through brambles, where the sharp thorns sing,
He reached the castle, where sleep was the king.

“Imagine, brave souls, a castle in sleep’s embrace,
Would you fight through the thorns, love’s kiss to place?
Would your heart beat with hope, in love’s powerful grace,
Believing a kiss, the curse could erase?”

Prince Henry approached, with a love pure and bright,
He saw Princess Aurora, bathed in soft, magical light.
A kiss he gently placed, on her lips so fair,
And the magic awoke, filling the fresh, sweet air.

“Children, in a tale where love shines so bright,
Would you believe in its power, in its magical light?
Do you think love’s kiss, can bring light into the night,
Turning dreams into reality, and making everything right?”

The kingdom awoke, with a joyous cheer,
Love had conquered, vanishing fear.
Aurora and Henry, with hearts intertwined,
Celebrated their love, in a kingdom redefined.

“Remember, dear friends, in every tale’s heart,
Love is the magic, where the true stories start.
Keep it alive, in your hearts let it sing,
And you’ll find the joy, and the love that it brings.”

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