Sacred is peace

The greedy wolf in the pen, Peeks in on the carnival of the wolf’s tail. “God bless my good sheep, It’s a beautiful day outside. Golden times, the sun is shining, Spring is coming soon.

The grass is already green in the field – Old ram, Why do you sit hungry inside?

There is a buzz inside the pen – Old ram, But wise! He says: “It’s our custom:

We fear the wolf more Than an empty stomach, But we don’t have a good dog To herd us through mud and water, To protect us from misery, From the wolf’s teeth.

“Oh come on, come on! Listen, listen!” The old ram says What is he complaining about? If not for the dog, who would watch over us?

Even the old father-in-law doesn’t know That the wolf bites And gets angry with the sheep Because the dog is the master?

The wolf and the sheep, the sheep and the wolf! Two good brothers, they should get along! If the dog, the bad dog, Didn’t drive us apart a hundred times!

Who says this isn’t true? Isn’t the master always stirring up trouble? Only once, was there ever peace? Sheep! The path to peace is here, Don’t let the nasty dog stop us!

Until now, if we took one step, If we heard a bark, we ran away. Has the wolf ever lived among the sheep? He’s afraid of the master’s bread, He’ll make us fight each other first!

Sheep, wolves, good friends, And he argues with you like this: The sheep’s life depends on him! Sheep! I curse you to hell!

…But if I were an enemy, Wouldn’t it make sense to try and reconcile? And that’s something! To annoy me like that, For what I’m angry with you about – Would you hire a watchdog? Do whatever you want.

Although I was an enemy before, Today my hand is outstretched, Come on, join me. Long live the homeland, here is the moment, Let everything turn out for the good!

Long live the homeland, the country! Finally, Let the peace Be firm, not loose!

The sheep jump up. Old ram, Muttering to himself. But the wolf made a law – They voted, as he whistled: The alliance must be strong, The old ram will go under the knife!

He doesn’t say anything against it… As if he would dare…

The wolf says: “By the great sky! My dear blood, I promise: You will become my blood! My dear breed, As I wished, Between wolf and sheep, peace is sacred!”

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