Kunkori piglet finds friends

Once upon a time, in a tiny village, there lived a little pig named Kunkori with a short tail. Although Kunkori had seven siblings, he didn’t really play with them. Their owners built them a wonderful pen and yard with a huge mud bath where they could wallow all day long. Kunkori enjoyed being alone but longed for true friends.

One day, as Kunkori was running around the pen yard, he heard a strange noise. He heard a “Meow.” He looked around but saw nothing. He thought his siblings were trying to play a prank on him. So, he asked them:

  • Was it you who said “Meow”?
  • Don’t joke around – his siblings replied. We don’t meow. It must have been a cat.

Kunkori was surprised by this statement, as he had never seen a cat near their house. He didn’t know that a new resident, a cat named Cirmi, had arrived the previous evening. As he was thinking, he heard the “Meow” again.

He decided to find the source of the sound. He didn’t have to search the area for long, as he saw a cat sitting on the pen’s fence. He approached the cat and asked:

  • Was it you who meowed? Yes, it was me, meow – answered Cirmi. I hope I didn’t disturb you!
  • Not at all, I just didn’t know who was meowing. When did you move here? I’ve never seen you before – Kunkori inquired.
  • I came last night. You know, I still feel quite lonely because I miss my siblings, and I don’t have any friends. I want to catch lots of mice, and I’m happy about that because I love chasing mice. My owners are very kind; they welcomed me with treats and lots of petting. I think I’ll feel good here, I’m just alone right now.
  • I’d be delighted if we could be friends. You know, I love my siblings, but I don’t have any friends besides them – said Kunkori.

Cirmi’s eyes sparkled with joy. He was very happy to have found such a kind friend so quickly.

The little pig continued:

  • There are many fun things to do here. For example, I love wallowing in the mud. It’s cooling and keeps the flies from bothering me too much. They always want to be friends, but I don’t like them because they’re very annoying. Do you like wallowing?
  • What? Bathing in the mud? – Cirmi was astonished. Don’t you know that cats are very clean animals? If I can, I groom my fur almost all day long.
  • Oh, I’m sorry, I’ve never met a cat before – Kunkori apologized. But I’m sure we’ll find common activities.

And so they did. They spent the whole day talking, playing ball, and chasing each other. Cirmi was a great friend because, even though he was much faster than Kunkori, he sometimes let him win.

The next day, Kunkori woke up to his new friend Cirmi running towards him in panic:

  • Help, Kunkori! There’s a dog here! It wasn’t here yesterday! Oh, meow, what should I do?
  • What? A dog? How did it get here? You must be seeing things, Cirmi. No dog lives here. We used to live with a dog named Bodri, but he was very old.

In a split second, they heard: “Woof, woof, woof.” That’s when Kunkori realized that Cirmi wasn’t dreaming

and there really was a dog that had moved in.

Morzsi the puppy was very small and playful. He grew up in a place with many cats, so he was used to them. Although it’s well known that dogs don’t like cats, Morzsi wasn’t bothered by their presence because of this. When he saw Cirmi and Kunkori talking, he immediately appeared at the pen door:

  • Hi! I’m Morzsi. I just moved in here. Who are you guys? – he asked curiously.
  • Hi! I’m Kunkori, and this is my friend Cirmi. He’s been living with us since yesterday. Please don’t hurt him! We’ve grown very fond of each other.
  • Me? Hurt him? – Morzsi was surprised. I had many cat friends where I used to live. You don’t have to be afraid, Cirmi. What do you think if I join you guys? Would that be alright? I love playing, but I don’t have anyone to play with yet.

Kunkori looked at Cirmi to see if he was bothered by the idea. Cirmi replied:

  • I’d be very happy about it. I’ve never had a dog friend before. Until now, they’ve only chased me.

And that’s how Kunkori made two new friends in just two days. You see? All you have to do is open your heart and let in those who are worthy. Cirmi and Morzsi were very kind and great friends, so I’m sure they still play together with Kunkori to this day.

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