Kitty Rabbit’s Easter Basket

Kitty Rabbit was painting eggs when her friend, Ears, approached her.

  • Hi Kitty! What are you doing? – Ears asked curiously.
  • Hi Ears! I’m painting eggs for Easter. Look how beautiful they turned out! – Kitty Rabbit rejoiced.
  • They really are gorgeous! I haven’t started preparing for Easter yet. What else are you doing?
  • I’d like to make Easter baskets for my friends. But unfortunately, I don’t know how.
  • No problem – Ears reassured her -, I’ll help you! I’d like to make a basket too, and I have a great idea.
  • Thank you so much, Ears! What were you thinking? – Kitty Rabbit asked excitedly.
  • First, we’ll find a good spot where we can find beautiful flowers. Then we’ll collect the most wonderful flowers and branches to decorate our baskets with.
  • Great idea! Let’s go right away! – Kitty exclaimed.

So, Kitty Rabbit and Ears set off to find the most beautiful flowers and branches for their Easter baskets. On their way, they met a little bunny who was sitting sadly on the ground.

  • What’s the matter, little bunny? – Kitty Rabbit asked.
  • I don’t have a basket for Easter, and I can’t collect eggs – the little bunny lamented.
  • Don’t worry, little bunny, we’ll help you! Come, join us! – Ears offered.

The three bunnies continued their journey together to find the most beautiful flowers. They spent the afternoon decorating their baskets. The little bunny gratefully thanked them for their help, and knew that he had found new friends with whom he could celebrate Easter together every year from now on.

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