How does a fox become an elephant?

Once upon a time, there was a fox. Robert the fox wanted to be a real cunning trickster, but he never paid attention when the old foxes taught him, so his ideas often went awry. Today, I will tell you about one such incident.

On a beautiful day, Robert the fox went for a walk in the forest. He got very hungry and thought he could eat a whole deer. There was only one problem: he was much smaller than a deer.

He wondered what to do. Which animal is bigger than a deer? Suddenly, it occurred to him that an elephant is so heavy and massive that it wouldn’t even have to chase the deer; it could simply jump on it and catch it.

As soon as he finished his thoughts, he ran home. He worked all day to sew an elephant costume. By the time the sun went down, he was done. You can imagine how much his stomach was growling by then!

Robert the fox put on the costume and went hunting. He didn’t have to go far, maybe only to the fifteenth tree, and he already met the most massive deer in the forest.

That was all Robert the fox needed, and he jumped on it. There was only one thing he didn’t take into account: dressing as an elephant wouldn’t make him as massive and heavy as a real elephant.

The deer, frightened, stood on its hind legs, threw Robert the fox off its back, and ran away. Robert the fox lay there, moaning because he had taken a big fall. Moreover, his stomach was growling so loudly that it woke up all the animals living there.

So it happened that Robert the fox went hungry, and the forest animals laughed at him. However, he didn’t learn from this lesson either. But I’ll tell that story another time. For now, remember one thing: be smart, learn a lot, so you don’t end up like Robert the fox!

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