Fairy-beautiful Viola and the Wolves

Once upon a time, beyond the Ocean of Operencia, there was a beautiful princess named Fairy-beautiful Viola. She was called this because she was incredibly beautiful, and the castles were surrounded by an abundance of blooming violets – the castle shimmered with the multitude of flowers.

Fairy-beautiful Viola loved animals very much. Every day, she talked to birds, cats, dogs, horses, lambs, chickens, ducks, geese, goats, and even pigs. She visited the animals living around the castle daily.

One day, she said to her mother, the queen:

  • Mother, I would like to go out to the meadow to play, make a bouquet of flowers, and weave a wreath for my hair.

Her mother replied:

  • Go ahead, Fairy-beautiful Viola. But be careful not to meet a strange animal! If you do, run away! Bring a servant boy with you who will protect you!

Fairy-beautiful Viola listened to her mother. She brought her very good friend with her, as she never made a distinction between rich and poor. Thus, her best friend was neither a prince nor a king’s son, but a servant boy.

Together, they went to pick flowers, make bouquets, weave hair wreaths, chase butterflies, and collect insects. Of course, they released the insects because they didn’t want to harm them. They just looked at how beautiful they were.

However, one day they heard something strange. They noticed that the sky was becoming overcast. A storm was approaching. They immediately decided to head home. They hurried to get back before the heavy rain and lightning so they wouldn’t get soaked.

As they were about to leave, a large pack of wolves suddenly appeared around them. Fairy-beautiful Viola was very scared, and the servant boy also froze in place. Fairy-beautiful Viola was so beautiful, even in her fear, that the wolves couldn’t hurt her.

The pack leader – the oldest, wisest, and bravest wolf – spoke up:

  • I know who you are. You are Fairy-beautiful Viola. Don’t be afraid; we won’t hurt you. We know that you love animals and are very kind.

Fairy-beautiful Viola understood every word. She told the wolf that they were just about to head home before the storm but got scared when they saw the wolves. She thanked them for not harming her and for their kind words. She asked how she could help them.

The pack leader explained that they actually wanted to help her. A big storm was coming, and they would take her home so she could be in the warm room in time.

He said:

  • Fairy-beautiful Viola, sit on my back, and tell your friend to climb onto another wolf’s back. We’ll take you home. Our four legs can run much faster than your two.

Fairy-beautiful Viola was delighted. She knew that she didn’t have to be afraid of animals, as they were actually very kind and just wanted to help. Moreover, most animals are more afraid of humans than humans are of them.

Fairy-beautiful Viola’s parents were very worried when they saw the dark storm clouds. Their alarm grew when the wolves appeared at their castle with their daughter and the servant boy riding on their backs.

Fairy-beautiful Viola recounted everything from beginning to end. Her parents couldn’t thank the wolves enough. They asked the wolves how they could repay their kindness?

The pack leader said:

  • Dear Queen, all my respect is yours and your daughter’s. Fairy-beautiful Viola is such a beautiful, kind, and wonderful creature that there is no one who wouldn’t want to help her. We truly expect nothing in return.

We are glad that we could bring her home in time.

The queen, however, did not want to let them go in such weather:

  • Come with me, you must be hungry! And the storm is here, don’t get wet! Stay with us tonight!

They held a great feast, preparing the most delicious dishes for the wolves. Then everyone went to bed and dreamed about the true friendship that began that day.

As time went on, the bond between Fairy-beautiful Viola, the servant boy, and the wolves grew stronger. The wolves often visited the castle, and Viola continued to show her love and appreciation for all the animals in the kingdom. The story of their extraordinary friendship spread far and wide, touching the hearts of many and inspiring kindness and understanding between humans and animals.

In the end, the kingdom prospered, and the people lived happily ever after, with Fairy-beautiful Viola’s love and compassion for all creatures serving as a shining example for generations to come.

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