Eszter’s Valentine’s Day

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom where Valentine’s Day was considered very important. In the entire kingdom, this day was dedicated to the celebration of love and friendship. The king and queen set an example, as they loved each other deeply and always celebrated Valentine’s Day.

However, a young girl named Eszter was sad because she had no one to give her a gift on this special day. The king and queen heard about Eszter’s sorrow and decided to help her find love.

The king and queen announced that on Valentine’s Day, every young man must give a gift to a girl he loves. Eszter was delighted to receive such support and looked forward to the day, hoping that someone would love and appreciate her.

On that day, Eszter walked down the street with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in her hands, hoping someone would approach her. However, the boys avoided her because they were afraid that the gift-giving would go wrong, or that Eszter would be dissatisfied with the surprise. The girl was so beautiful that one could look at the Sun, but not at her. This scared away many suitors. They didn’t know that Eszter was not only incredibly beautiful but also the kindest girl in the kingdom. Moreover, she was also smart.

As she walked, she met a young man on the street who held a jewelry box in his hand. The boy mustered up the courage and handed Eszter the gift, which she found beautiful and precious.

The boy then invited her for an evening walk by the water. Throughout the evening, the two young people enjoyed each other’s company and grew fonder of one another.

Since then, Eszter and the young man have lived happily and always celebrate Valentine’s Day together.

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