Cinderella and the Wicked Stepmother

In a village where the green meadows gleam,
Lived Cinderella, lost in a dream.
Her heart was kind, and her spirit was bright,
But her days were filled with chores, morning till night.

“Whoosh, whoosh,” went the broom, sweeping the floor,
“Scrub, scrub,” went the cloth, at the chores she’d adore.
In a house where laughter was rather quite rare,
Lived step-sisters two, with nary a care.

“Dear children,” I ask, “what would you do,
If chores and tasks were all left to you?
Would you whistle a tune, or perhaps sing a song,
To make the work light, as you go along?”

One day a letter, in the postman’s sack,
“A Royal Ball!” it said, and the village was abuzz with chat.
A prince so charming, with a heart so wide,
Sought a lovely maiden to be by his side.

“Which dress would you choose, if you were to go?
A gown like the sunset, or as white as snow?
And what would you say, if the prince asked to dance?
Would you curtsy and smile, would you give it a chance?”

Poor Cinderella, with a heart so pure,
Wished to go to the ball, of this she was sure.
But the stepmother scoffed, with a flick of her wrist,
“Cinderella, dear, you must stay and assist.”

But fear not, dear children, for magic is near,
In this tale of hope, love, and cheer.
“What if a fairy, with a wand so bright,
Came to help Cinderella, on this magical night?”

In the quiet of the night, where the stars twinkle high,
A flutter of wings through the window did fly.
A fairy so gentle, with a smile so wide,
Came to Cinderella, and stood by her side.

“Dear Cinderella, with a heart so true,
Magic I bring, to make dreams come true.
A wave of my wand, and what do you see?
A dress so splendid, as lovely as thee!”

“Children, oh children, what magic you’d choose?
A pumpkin, a carriage, or glass dancing shoes?
Would you ride with the mice, or fly with the birds?
Speak up, dear ones, let’s hear your words!”

A swirl of the wand, and the room filled with light,
A pumpkin, a carriage, appeared in the night.
Mice turned to horses, in the blink of an eye,
Cinderella was ready, to the ball she would fly.

Her dress shimmered gold, like the autumn leaves,
Her glass slippers twinkled, like the stars in the eaves.
Off to the castle, where the trumpets did blare,
To meet a prince charming, so handsome and fair.

“Imagine, dear children, in a castle so grand,
Dancing and twirling, hand in hand.
What would you say, what would you do,
If a prince or a princess, danced with you?”

The ballroom was splendid, with candles aglow,
Music and laughter, in the air did flow.
Cinderella entered, with grace and with charm,
The prince saw her beauty, and felt a warm alarm.

Their eyes met and sparkled, like the ocean so wide,
They danced through the night, side by side.
The magic was working, in every glance,
In the heart of the castle, love found its chance.

As the clock ticked on, in the heart of the night,
Cinderella danced, filled with delight.
But the fairy had warned, with a voice so clear,
“Be home by midnight, or the magic will disappear.”

“Tick-tock, tick-tock,” went the grand castle clock,
Cinderella remembered, and felt quite a shock.
She fled from the ball, with a heart beating fast,
Leaving behind a slipper, a memory to last.

“Children, oh children, what would you feel,
If the clock struck twelve, and broke the magical seal?
Would you run like the wind, or stay for a while,
Leaving behind a slipper, with a hopeful smile?”

The prince found the slipper, so delicate and small,
He vowed to find the maiden, who had captured his all.
Through the village he traveled, with the slipper so fine,
Searching for the lady, who had stolen his heart’s line.

He came to the house, where Cinderella did dwell,
The step-sisters tried, but the slipper didn’t fit well.
Cinderella stepped forward, with a soft, gentle grace,
The slipper fit perfectly, a smile lit her face.

“Imagine, dear children, a moment so sweet,
When the slipper fits perfectly, love’s journey complete.
What words would you say, what dreams would you share,
If you found the one, who truly did care?”

The prince and Cinderella, with hearts intertwined,
Found love and happiness, in a tale well-designed.
They married with joy, in a kingdom so grand,
And love’s magic lived on, like the sea meets the sand.

“Remember, dear children, in every tale told,
Lies magic and love, and dreams to unfold.
Believe in the wonder, the hope, and the joy,
And life’s magical moments, nothing can destroy.”

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