Benjamin the Frog Finds a Friend

Once upon a time, there was a little frog named Benjamin (Beno). Every evening, he went to the lakeshore to listen to stories from the stars. All he needed for this was his imagination, as the stars were always very mysterious to him.

One evening, as Beno the little frog was admiring the stars and listening to the gentle whispers of the breeze, he spotted a small fish swimming back and forth in the lake.

The little frog called out to the fish and asked him why he was swimming alone at night:

–Good evening, Little Fish! I am Beno the Frog. May I ask why you’re swimming around so late in this lake?

–Good evening, Beno! I am Aaron. I’m just swimming a little because the water is nice and warm, and I’m looking at the stars. You come here often, don’t you?

–Yes, I love the lakeshore. It’s always peaceful and quiet here.

–It sure is! Sometimes it’s a bit boring that we always see the same things.

–I have never been bored here. There is always something interesting to discover – replied Benő.

–Maybe you’re right – Aaron the fish pondered. Tell me something interesting that you see right now!

–Do you see that fleeting colorful light in the distance? It could be fireworks. Once, when I hopped over to the edge of the village nearby, I saw that while many people were dancing and singing, they sent colorful flashes up into the sky. It’s very loud, but also incredibly beautiful.

–Wow, I never noticed that before! – exclaimed Áron. I was so absorbed in swimming that I didn’t notice the flashing, peculiar, but very beautiful lights in the sky.

From that moment on, Beno the Frog and Aaron the Fish became friends. Although it was late, they were not sleepy. Benő invited Áron to his lakeside house for some late-night chatting. From there, the view was even better, and they could take a closer look at the fireworks.

Fortunately, Aaron had no problem living in water, as Beno loved swimming, so one part of his home was on land and the other part was in the lake. This way, he could dive into the water whenever he felt like it.

Aaron the fish really liked Beno’s house. He admired the bed made of leaves and the picture that the frog had woven together from flowers.

The fireworks indeed looked much better from Beno’s home. The two new friends agreed that from now on, they would watch every fireworks show together. They kept their promise. In fact, since then, they have also been making up stories about the stars together! They are still watching the stars now, if they haven’t fallen asleep yet.

And so, Beno the Frog and Aaron the Fish spent many evenings together, watching the stars and the fireworks, chatting, and sharing their discoveries. Their friendship grew stronger, and they never ran out of exciting stories to tell each other.

As the seasons changed and the years passed, the two friends continued to explore the lakeshore and the wonders of the night sky. They shared their knowledge with other creatures of the lake, creating a strong bond between all the animals that lived there.

Together, Benő and Áron taught everyone the value of friendship and the importance of appreciating the beauty that surrounds them. The tales of their adventures were passed down through generations, reminding all the animals of the lake that there’s always something new and exciting to discover if they just look up at the stars and let their imaginations soar.

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