A small foal and the wasp

Once upon a time, perhaps beyond the Even Seas, there was a special forest. I’m not talking about an ordinary forest, but a magical one, where the leaves of the trees were adorned with rainbow colors all year round, and the animals could speak.

No human lived there, of course. How could they, when there wouldn’t be such peace and tranquility in that forest?

There lived Kacaj, the foal. I will tell you that he was also extraordinary. His mane, which was adorned with different colors, waved so silky in the wind that everyone marveled at it. His graceful but determined gait was easily envied by the other colts. It could not have been otherwise, as he was a real unicorn!

However, one always annoyed him: Spear, the wasp. Oh, she could be terribly irritating! She could spend the whole day buzzing around the other animals, doing nothing but buzzing and scaring them with her sting. Yes, she was the one who always disturbed the peace and tranquility of the magical forest.

One sunny day, Kacaj, the foal, had an idea and spoke to her:

  • Spear, do you want to play?

The wasp was very surprised. “They want to play with me? Why? No one ever wants to play with her.”

So she replied:

  • Why do you ask me that? Buzz-buzz. Do you want to play tag and have me sting you? My sting can be memorable, you know!

Kacaj was not surprised by this tone, so he remained calm and replied:

  • I thought we could really have fun on such a beautiful day. For example, we could pick flowers. My mom really loves them. I’m sure yours does too. Besides, I know that you are not a bee, but I’ve seen how much you understand about flowers. Would you like to help me choose the most fragrant ones?

Spear was very surprised that someone was inviting her to play and asking for her help. No one wanted to play with her, after all.

  • I would love to help you. I really understand flowers. My mom always praises me for bringing home the most fragrant flowers.

So it happened that Kacaj and Spear became friends. They played on the meadow all day and collected the most beautiful flowers – much to their mother’s delight.

They had such a good time that they met every day from then on. Spear also became kinder to others day by day.

After all, the foal didn’t invite her to play for no reason. He realized that Spear felt lonely because others excluded her. There was a reason for the other animals to do so because Spear’s days were spent annoying them. However, Kacaj realized that this only happened because Spear wanted to be noticed and cared for. This led to an eternal friendship between them.

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