A cross-eyed puppy is learning to bark.

Once upon a time, on the edge of a village, there lived Kajla, the puppy. She was so young that she had just learned to walk. However, she spent all day observing how the older dogs barked with deep and powerful voices.

Kajla couldn’t bark yet, and this bothered her greatly. She decided to ask Bodri, the oldest and most respected dog in the village, to teach her how to bark with authority.

She didn’t have to wait long because Bodri was walking by. When Kajla saw him, she ran up to him and asked:

  • Can you teach me how to bark?
  • Oh, little Kajla! You have plenty of time for that! Go play with your siblings instead! – replied the huge dog.
  • But I don’t want to play, I want to bark like you, so that all the cats run away when they hear my voice – insisted Kajla.
  • Alright, alright – Bodri agreed. After all, he had a little time. Now, listen up! Say “woof, woof”!
  • Viáú – shouted Kajla in a sharp, ear-piercing voice.
  • You still have a lot to learn, but never mind. You’ll see, you’ll get better day by day. As you grow bigger, your voice will also become deeper. Now, say it again: “woof”!
  • Woooof! – Kajla shouted, almost correctly, but still in a very high-pitched voice.
  • That’s okay, that’s okay – mumbled the old dog. Keep trying like that. I have to go now, but I’ll come to you every day from now on. I see that you really want to learn, and you deserve to be taught. You’re a clever little puppy, Kajla.

With that, Bodri turned around and walked away. Kajla barked all day long. You can imagine how much she practiced, because her owners wanted to call a vet, thinking something was wrong with her. They didn’t know that Kajla was just practicing.

From then on, Bodri came to her every day, just as he promised. And over the months, Kajla grew into a beautiful, big dog. Her bark became the most beautiful in the village. She had a deep, wise voice, just as Bodri had predicted.

The following year, in recognition of her achievements, the other dogs elected her as their pack leader. From then on, Bodri passed his leadership position to Kajla, and she led the dogs living in the village.

This was all thanks to her persistence, her learning from Bodri, and her daily practice. She also never forgot about the other animals and they could always turn to her if they had any problems. This is how Kajla, the clumsy little puppy, became a real, big and respected pack leader.

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